Well, its official. Google (aka Big G) finally performed a PR(Page Rank) Update yesterday and all utilizing my Costa Rica SEO strategies are joyous in celebration.

I began to wonder when I noticed so many of my sites spiking in keyword ranking. First thing that came to mind when seeing such jumps in ranking is that there must have been a Google PR update over the past 24 hours. Well…I was right.

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I’ve been preaching and preaching over the past year or so that all this Costa Rica SEO effort I put in will pay off one day…and that day was yesterday.

All my sites shot up in the rankings with a very minimal amount dropping a rank. The ones that dropped were squatter sites I’m not doing anything with.

This is fantastic news because now the weight of having a link on these sites…JUST WENT UP.

If you own a business in Costa Rica then you need my Costa Rica SEO strategy NOW!

costa rica seoI’ve said it before that PR doesn’t mean squat in the grand scheme of things however…there is one upside to having a good PR site and this is your links hold more weight. So if you have a dozen sites of PR1 and PR2 pointing to you, then Google works their magic and does a Googe PR update, all those links double in value at the very least. The value depends on just how high the jump in PR was. A good example is Costa Rica News Site. This page was sitting at a PR0 for what seemed like an eternity when after the PR update it shot to a PR4 and along with it…the primary keyword position shot up too. That’s the “money shot” that all my Costa Rica SEO efforts target. I still stand by PR means zilch however…if it helps rank the keywords I am targeting then it’s my new best friend.

Costa Rica SEO – me love you long time!


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