Today we saw Google update the Page Rank of web sites. It was interesting to see considering normally after an update (IE: Google Fresh) they will wait a few weeks before rolling out a PR update. Not this time.

After checking across my network I’ve been pleasantly surprised to say the least. There are a lot of PR5 and PR4s now which is light years beyond the PR2 and even PR0s that were indicative of newer sites like many of them are.

costa rica seoSo overall I can say that NONE of my own sites nor any of my clients sites lost PR value – in fact all but one of them GAINED PR value.

What does it all mean for SEO? Quick simply it means AUTHORITY. The more authority a site has the more powerful it becomes within it’s own particular niche.

We’ve all heard how important it is to become the authority in whichever niche you operate within – well, this is the case with high PR value. Whether other SEOs agree with me or not, Google does factor in PR value when ranking a site for a particular niche. Of couse this isn’t the only factor considered when determining placement in the SERPs however it is none the less important.

To put it plainly…a link from a PR2 site holds less value than having a link from a PR4 site. And when YOUR site is the one that is increasing in ranking…this bodes well for your Google authority and therefore almost 100% of the time you will see an increase in the SERPs (search engine results pages). This is of course unless your competitors benefited from the PR update also.

So tell me…how many of you were affected and how well…or not so well…did your sites survive the Google Fresh update followed by the page rank update?

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