All over the Internet, there are some areas that have been completely devestated by the now infamous…Panda Update.

What used to be thriving content sites, are these days, nothing more than ghost towns. That is of course unless your in bed with Google. Then…then it’s all good amigo. Just ask Hubspot.

panda updateYou see, when Google unleashed their new algo unto the world a few months back, everyone was in shock (some more than others) that Google could be so bold as to destroy so many online businesses with one foul swing of their samurai sword.

Many of these businesses that fell victim to them had previously been featured in Google News and were considered “reputable” sources for current news in the world. And then, just the Soup Nazi of Seinfeld, Google shouts…NO MORE SOUP FOR YOU!

Needless to say that since then, things have began to calm down. Those that were injured and left for dead in the process…well they’ve been buried in the wake. Yet there are some…some who have survived and not only survived but THRIVED.

What’s their secret? I’ll tell you what it is…

The secret to turning the tables on the Google Panda update are simple. Now…I said simple…this doesn’t mean it’s not time consuming.

You need to understand what Panda was designed to do.

Certainly there are many elements to their latest algorithm but the most relevant ones on how you can save your arse from getting beaten like a baby seal by the Big G…are right here.

  • Content. Content. Content. – Not just any old content either. I mean FRESH as the morning dew. You remember the old saying that “Content is King” right? Well now that’s more crucial than ever. Get used to producing at least one unique 400-500 word article per day, per site. Now of course you will have to follow the regular onsite SEO including keyword density, decoration etc.
  • OBL (Outbound Links) – Keep the links that point to other sites, to a minimum on your own site. You are giving away precious link-juice.
  • You know the saying, “Thick as Thieves“? Well the same applies here. If you hang out with the wrong crowds (IE: link farms and content farms) you will be targeted by the Panda and punished accordingly. Even if it was innocent enough. Google doesn’t care.
  • Solid backlinking in place? Time to move on to the contextual linking now. This is when you have an article that is designed around a particular keyword/niche market. You can then apply an anchored text link for every 100 words you have. Surrounding your links with FRESH CONTENT is always a great strategy and now its the #1 most credible way of keeping Google happy.
…I know you might be thinking that it’s tough for Google to punish people for example, if they end up in a link farm. What if they were put in by a nasty competitor? Don’t care.
Have you ever tried to plead you case to Google? You don’t want to ever have to. They are a nightmare to deal with. Their wait times are as painful as sliding down a razor blade naked in to bucket of iodine.
This is what happens when you’re the King of the World…the Internet world anyways.
PS: normally I don’t give out advice on my blog too often – I prefer to reserve that for the Don Halbert Newsletter subscribers, but in this case I’m going to give out my secret weapon for whoopin the Panda’s butt. Day in and day out.

How to Win Against the Panda Update


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