Are you in tune with Google’s new monthly update schedule?

Starting from November 2011 Google has consistently, on a monthly schedule, been updating their search algorithm. Panda, Penguin, Freshness and Farmer – these were all updates by Google in the last 365 days.

It has been said that Panda and Farmer are one in the same. This was a focus on quality content rather than article marketing machines and spun garbage content the has nothing to do with the embeddeddealing with Google updates links. So now surrounding text matters to where your links are placed.

The first actual update that was named was dubbed Boston in 2002 by Webmaster World members. And what used to get updated 10 times a year is now allegedly being updated 5 to 600 times a year.

That’s on average over 10 times per week.

Google’s mysterious algorithmic updates keep SEO agents worldwide on their toes. These days it’s almost a full-time occupation monitoring the updates as they come in and how they affect our websites.

In the many years that I’ve been involved with Internet marketing, I’ve never once come under the microscope of Google…until now.

Myself and Google have been going back and forth over email for the past month or so concerning a couple of websites that they have sandboxed without just cause. I’ve also pointed out to Google on numerous occasions that with the Penguin update, they really opened the floodgates for negative SEO.

Which is odd for Google considering how they repeatedly state that one webmaster cannot sabotage another by using any shady offsite SEO tactics like backlinking in bad neighborhoods for example.

This is a bunch of BS…

Within the most recent update of Penguin 1.1, this has left many online businesses vulnerable to attacks using negative SEO.


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