Hacker? Most definitely and proud of it. Actually tomorrow I will be hacking my Canon digital camera to permit RAW imaging. In fact, I’ve been hacking since the ripe young age of 8 when I burned my first EEPROM of an original Apple II and placed it in my APCO clone. So yeah…

Awhile back, when I was formally known as Vista, I wrote an article on my account of the History of Satellite Hacking. It was primarily about the DSS (digital satellite systems) technology however I did write briefly on the subject of the B.U.D.s (Big Ugly Dish).

Anyways, a few months ago I took a stroll down memory lane and it sparked me to take a look through my archives to see if I could find the original article I wrote back in 1999. I found it!

After a brief deliberation on the matter, I decided that the Net could use the original copy in its entirety as the blasphemy that’s out there now is a bastardized version of what I compiled over many hours back in the day. Besides…who better to post the thing than the original author of it to begin with?

When I reposted it here on DONHALBERT.COM, I quickly began to get emails and comments on the story. All of which I might add were positive and even some ol’ friends from days past that I’d thought I’d never hear from again. You see some might like to tell stories that I left that business on the lamb and that I am wanted for my participation in the satellite hacking scene however this just isn’t true. The truth of the matter is that when asked by Rupert Murdoch to step aside and he would “permit” me to keep the worldly belongings I had acquired in my life…well I said OK whatever you say boss! Just ask this guy (only one of many): HU Loader Developer Pleads Guilty

” You see when one of the richest men in the world asks you to do something….you really should stand up, take notice and do what is asked of you. “

You know how some circles in Hollywood say that you truly are not a star until you have your own personal stalker? Well in 2001 I was fighting off at least four of them and at least two of them were wanted by RCMP Special Investigations for Cybercrimes. Come to think of it…somethings never change they only take a different form.

These days I prefer “pura vida” over “pura mierda” and on that note I’m call’in it a night so peace out!


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