Don’t those words ring in our heads while we associate them with people that…

a.) either set out on some rampage of death and destruction


b.) disappear without a trace

You see here’s the thing…

In today’s tough “SERPs climate” (bet ya thought I would say economic times right?) if you are not social you’re already dying a slow death – at least your business is.

Late in 2011, Google launched upon the world an algorithmic change they dubbed “Google Fresh”. The purpose behind this update was to pick and choose which search queries demand fresher results. This Fresh update was meant to select which queries require the most recent results and subsequently display them accordingly.

This particularly played well for sports fans for example – people searching for sports results would get the results they were looking for rather than scores from games last season.

But the true magic behind the Google Fresh update was the fact that they began scouring the social web for fresh and relevant content for the moment. Since then Google has repeatedly emphasized the importance of having social signals in your SEO efforts.

knowledge graph googleAs the most in demand Costa Rica SEO, it is important that I remain on the bleeding edge of what is happening in the industry. Therefore it is not uncommon to see me at SEO conferences and events and/or attending a variety of online webinars put on by some big wig industry leaders from the US and Canada. Which reminds me…

I find it strange how, when, industry leaders are mentioned in SEO circles, we rarely see Australia mentioned when in fact…they have some of the most legitimate, solid SEO experts over there. Hmmm..I guess I’ll continue wondering…

So back to what I was saying – I am continuously pushing myself to learn more and more so that I can continue to lead the way in online marketing and SEO in Costa Rica.

Enough with the plug…the point I’m trying to make here is that Google is now using social signals (Likes, Google+, tweets, Pins etc.) in to their ranking considerations for the SERPs they provide. Remember…Google’s goal is to “END SEARCH”.

Meaning that once the search results comeback and the searcher enters a site, that they find precisely what they were searching for to begin with. SUCCESS!

And seriously though folks – think about it when Google was shopping around for social networks to play game with them in early 2011 with regards to search and in the end they couldn’t find anyone wanting to play by their rules – Google creates their own social network and Google+ was born.

In May of this year, Google rolled out a little known update to their search with HUGE ramifications. The update to the algorithm was called Knowledge Graph. This is Google really thinking outside the box and instead of searching letters and words to form phrases…Google is now capable of reading your mind!

Knowledge Graph is a technology that allows Google to think like you and analyze between search terms to determine your intention. That’s right…YOUR INTENTION.

A good example might be “China” – now before with simple search patterns this would likely appear as the country and show you the results according to that. But with Knowledge Graph, Google must now analyze your search patterns, social networks and generally play Big Brother to your online activities, in order to know whether it is the country, fine dining ware or possibly the current standings for medal wins at the Olympics. Essentially this is like an AI for search.

Creepy huh? None the less it’s part of the evolution of search and we either adapt or miss the boat.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want them saying…”he was a quiet fellow. didn’t say much just kind of kept to himself.”…right after I mysterious slip in to the abyss.

So whether you practice your own SEO or you’ve hired a professional, either way you’d best be including – and build upon – your social network in to your SEO strategy.


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