I have received a number of requests on how I managed to take my Klout score from 39 to a whopping 72 in less than a week. Here’s how I did it.

First off, you’re going to need a base network of approximately 1000 or so Twitter followers, a couple hundred Facebook friends and a few hundred Linkedin connections. Any accounts you don’t already have…you’ll need to get them. The following accounts are supported by Klout – SIGN UP FOR THEM.


Once you’re all set then you’ll want to install Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. They are Adobe Air installs via the web so there is no concern over your computer platform whether Mac or Win. Essentially they help you keep tabs on your social network.

klout score manEngagement is the #1 Klout score increasing factor. If you constantly @mention and retweet others, you’ll certainly see your Klout score begin to rise.

Write unique and creative content. If you can manage to write content that induces thought, people will engage you and we all know what that means – engagement means people are talking and when the social web is buzzing with your content…you’ll benefit.

However the #1 way to game Klout and increase your score exponentially is to purchase retweets. Drop $5 on Fiverr and get yourself 25-40 retweets. What this will do is create the illusion that you are reaching a good number of people outside of your own personal network.

When I did this I had about 200 retweets of a very well written (if I may say so myself) article. The article had already shown signs of popularity so this is the reason I selected it. As a matter of fact, to this day I still get about 5000 unique visits a month to that one article alone.

Although it may seem rather straight forward, if you follow these steps then you’ll blow the lid off your Klout score.

PS: now you might be wondering why my Klout score is rather weak to say the least – the truth of it is – I don’t have the time to “engage” anymore. In order to sustain the ranking once you get it, you’ll have to be active throughout your social web each and every day. Primarily this is Twitter because it appears Klout gives the most weight to your level of engagement on Twitter.


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