For awhile now I’ve been on the BNet mailing list after a run of my articles appeared on CBS Moneywatch, an affiliate site of BNet. In this time I have laughed hysterically and on one instance…almost fell off my chair.

I’ve punctuated the importance of having catchy headlines and BNet is a great example of just how relevant this can be.

Every great ad copy, article or content must begin by stealing the attention of the reader. I mean if you were checking the morning news and saw four headlines like the following – which would you read?

  • Obama Speaks in Japan After Quake
  • Will Obama Win a Second Term?
  • Reds Poised & Ready for Election Time
  • Republicans Turned Off by the Size of Obama’s Package

With BNet, I constantly, on a daily basis, receive some of the most brilliant headlines. I sincerely look forward to my newsletter updates from them specifically for this reason.

So next time you are writing a blog post, article, news piece or ad copy…remember that it all begins with the headline. Get that wrong…your work will go to waste.


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