Try and stop me I dare ya. Feel’in lucky punk? I know I am…

This has been probably the most productive past 5 days of my life since the ‘ol SAT days. I’ve practically stood on my head these past few days and even had to remind myself, on more than one occasion, to eat. All good though cause this is the start of something big.

Like anything I take on in life, what started out as “n00b” status when it came to WordPress, has now advanced to elite status whereas I have learned the inner intricacies of WordPress in order to make the finest, most highly tuned, SEO CMS site that can now compete with the best of them. I’m on to something here and there’s no stopping me now.

I love a challenge. I constantly challenge myself in many aspects of my life however for the most part, its all business baby! And you know what they say,

“It’s nothing personal it’s just business.”

I had mentioned it before that I constant shift my focus to various different areas throughout online marketing. Hey…it keeps my competitors on their toes and thinkin, “what’s this guy up to now?”

Well the time has come again whereas I am running a series of tests to in fact see if my theories prove correct. If I fail? I won’t. Plain and simple.

I’ve been studying like Hermione Granger (little Potter humor there) for what is sure to be the next “big thing” in my life. I can already envision how it will unfold and the subsequent rollercoaster ride to follow. This is gonna be good! All of what I am doing fends well for my upcoming book on online marketing which is a double bonus but the best part is how I’m “keeping it in the family” per se. And that’s about as big of a hint as you’re gonna get I’m afraid. At least until I expose what I am doing.

So with that being said I’m off again to la-la land where I can bust my hump and create the next “big thing”. So stay tuned.

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