Ok fellow Canucks, have you ever been watching TV and seen what you thought was a Canadian, renouncing their Canadian citizenship to become American or of some other nation? I know it irritates me to no end also.

So I thought I would create a list of some of these annoying, unpatriotic peeps and post it here for you to sling your wet toast at (if this is what tickles your fancy). But seriously though folks…where’s the love eh?

  1. Brett Hull (August 9, 1964 in Belleville, Ontario)- And I thought I had an ego! Golden Brett as he’s called sometimes, was denied a place on the Canadian roster for the 1986 Olympics because he wanted a guaranteed place on the top line with none other than the Great One, Wayne Gretzky. After Team Canada said you will have to try out for that spot, Brett pouted like a 5 year old and gathered all his toys and moved to another sandbox with Team USA.
  2. Jim Carrey (January 17, 1962 in Newmarket, Ontario)- After rising to fame in 1994 after the release of Ace Ventura – Pet Detective, Jim began to develop a God like attitude that so often comes with fame. Carrey had longed to be American and in February of 2004 when Conan O’Brien brought his late-night show to Toronto, Carrey was a featured guest. Combine that with a prime opportunity to play the ‘I hate Bush’ card and voila! Opportunity knocked and Jim took it citing he wanted to vote in the upcoming presidential election as the reason and, in 2001, he told the Associated Press he sought U.S. citizenship because of his love for his adopted country.
  3. Lennox Lewis (September 2, 1965 in Westham, London)- Despite being born in England, Lewis move to Kitchener, Ontario, Canada at age 12 where his boxing career started. After representing Canada in the 1984 AND 1988 Olympic Games, Lennox then decided that he preferred to be considered British rather than Canadian as that is where he felt most comfortable. Many believe this was out of convenience more than anything. On October 31, 1992, Lewis knocked out Canada’s Razor Ruddock in two rounds for the WBC title and declaring Lewis its champion, making him the first world heavyweight titleholder from Britain in the 20th century. Huh?? Canadian fights another Canadian and Briton takes the claim to the champ. Confusing.
  4. Wayne Gretzky (January 26, 1961 in Brantford, Ontario)- Not entirely deserving to be on this list, however I thought…why not? In 1988, only hours after Edmonton had won the cup, rumors of “the Trade”, as it would later become known, had been a brewing. After being traded to LA, many Canadians felt betrayed by him and felt  he turned his back on his country, city and it’s people to further his wife’s acting career. Later Gretzky said this: “I’m still proud to be a Canadian. I didn’t desert my country. I moved because I was traded and that’s where my job is. But I’m Canadian to the core. I hope Canadians understand that.” Since then I do believe he has shown his ‘true’ Canadian allegiance.
  5. Quebec (The Province)(founded in 1763 by the Treaty of Paris)- Absolutely a must have on a list like this. Quebec, a province of Canada, has repeatedly tried to separate from it’s Canadian Heritage. To this day, Quebec is the only province not to have signed the new Canadian constitution in 1982, which was approved by the British Parliament. The latest attempt on October 30, 1995, was rejected by a slim margin and sparking claims of voter fraud.

So if you’ve got any other’s you can think of that I may have missed, then comment below and tell me why you believe they are traitors of Canada.


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