The question is…

In SEO, if no one is searching the term – who will hear you?

Over the years I’ve noticed an alarming trend whereas so-called “SEO experts” claim to conquer such and such keyword phrases. You see the problem I have with this is that, if you reach the upper echelon of Google’s Page 1 however all you hear is crickets…don’t you think it might have been wise to first do a little keyword research? After all it is step 1 in the SEO Beginner’s Guide.

I spend the majority of my time researching keywords to do my best at discovering profitable niches. This is not something you want to take lightly given that you could be wasting your time and money, or worse yet your client’s, by targeting keywords no one gives a rats ass about.

You see, about 2 years or so ago I targeted “Costa Rica SEO” to prove to myself I could – I reached the top – and when I got there I thought to myself, “Why am I wasting my time showing up other aspiring SEOs when the reality is…there’s no money in it?”

The only people searching the term “Costa Rica SEO”…are other SEOs. Where’s the money in that?

So what do people search for? The top searched in the Costa Rica niche are the following:

1. Costa Rica (duh!)
2. Costa Rica vacations
3. Costa Rica real estate
4. Guanacaste
5. Costa Rica hotels | resorts

…now clearly I’m not going to give away my profitable nuggets within the Costa Rica niche, yet you can imagine that “Costa Rica SEO” is not going to be something the average business or individual would be searching for. Only those who want the right to say…hey look Ma’…me’s rank’in good…even bedder dan duh udder guy.

Now I best make it clear right now that, one glance over my site one might think I’m in fact still targeting “Costa Rica SEO

Wild Goose Chase

After all...this isn't a wild goose it?

” or any number of other keywords I have throughout the site. You’d be wrong. My main target is not as obvious as one might think – and it’s certainly not “Costa Rica SEO”. Sure, I’ll mention them as services yet I have the intuition and insight to know that NO ONE is searching them.

For me I prefer clients over bragging rights – I’d rather put my money where my mouth is than engage in pissing matches with struggling SEOs who have nothing better to do than waste time with schoolyard games.

Besides…I gave that up when I left the satellite business.

PS: don’t go chasing after keywords to prove a point – you’ll lose! Only go after a keyword once you’ve exhausted all methods of researching the term to see if in fact it is a profitable niche. Otherwise your chances of ever succeeding online are slim…to NONE!


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