One common denominator when I’m contacted involving work with regards to Costa Rica SEO, is the fact that everyone tends to have the same thing to say,

“I can’t surf the web in Costa Rica without coming across your name.”

I like this…Talk about a late night informercial script. I’ve accomplished miracles in SEO meanwhile maintaining a shoestring budget. Costa Rica Property site is a fantastic example of this. Still wet behind the ears, this site was started a mere 5 months ago and now we are nipping at the heels of a company with a marketing budget exceeding 100k a year! Not bad eh? ­čÖé

Slowly but surely I’m making my mark in Costa Rica as the guy to come to when it comes to online marketing. I’m now also a contributing writer for the highly successful site and my articles are routinely syndicated on hundreds of sites across the web. ┬áThis didn’t happen overnight however. I’ve been writing articles at a rate of ┬ásometimes 10 a week for the past 3 years. However, all that hard work and late nights are beginning to pay off.

As of late I’ve redesigned a few of my major player sites in order to embrace the social medium as my information source. I find this very effective. My visitors receive up to the second Costa Rica news and at the same time, when I need to put the message out there, the social media is a fantastic way of accomplishing this.

At the moment with the completion of my SellingCR project, I’ve now got an open block of time where I can take on an SEO client. So if you are looking for great results at targeting a particular audience, then I’m your ‘huckleberry’ when it comes to Costa Rica SEO and marketing.


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