Seriously though, I strongly feel that if you are not selling Costa Rica real estate in this troubled time of global protest, you really should take a good hard look at yourself.

Lets think about it this way…

Costa Rica real estate - Occupy the BeachCosta Rica: Credited with being the “happiest place to live in the world” while having admirable healthcare and zero military. The educational system in Costa Rica is top-notch while teaching it’s youth the importance of sustainability and kindness during a time when many other nations are focusing on the turmoil and superficial reality television.

Costa Rica is beautiful. And more and more are becoming aware of this and expressing interest in the world-renown “Pura vida lifestyle”.

Now, if you are a Costa Rica real estate agent struggling to make sales (your not alone) while sitting back and watching as the Occupy Wall Street movement goes global…do you not think now might be the time to get off your butt and start marketing to that?

Ok maybe you’re confused…

You see, when people are in a state of crisis, the time has never been more perfect, or profitable, to present the alternative. The alternative to their grief. The greener grass to their concerns about their financial future.

Arguably one of the greatest entrepreneurial minds of the United States, Donald Trump, once said that,

“Real estate is the best investment in the world – unlike the worthless paper certificates like bonds and stocks offer. I feel nothing is more investable than real estate for it is not only tangible but it’s solid.”

So with the 99% out on a witch hunt against the big banks…don’t you think more people might be open to the possibility of investing in Costa Rica real estate?

I say to all Costa Rica real estate agents, “get creative!”, “get motivated” and “get on it!”. There’s been no better time than now to be an agent in the Costa Rica real estate market given you have the foresight to see the opportunity when it presents itself.


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