If you are one of the thousands of visitors this sites gets each month, then please take note of this blog post.

Over the past while I have been implementing, experimenting and all around…monkeying around with different aspects of the site. Some you may have noticed while others may not have. I’m going to explain in this blog post what is happening and what to expect moving forward.

Awhile back I began posting [PASSWORD PROTECTED] blog posts. These posts are only accessible by using a password and the only way you can get that password…is to CLICK ON FACEBOOK CONNECT in the left-most column. It is there that you will then be provided with the password, my incredibly popular Quick Start SEO Guide and additionally have weekly updates via email on what is happening on DonHalbert.com

Many connections through my Linkedin account have claimed I’m being foolish by giving away such valuable information but I stand my ground in that I believe in educating people to better their businesses in the digital realm. Whether I ever receive the credit or not…whenever I see my work being utilized…it makes me proud and shows me that people are actually listening to what I say in that regard.

I once said, “Don’t do what I say…do what I do.” (prefixed with: “If you don’t believe what I’m saying…”)

…well it appears that some of you have taken this advice and done exactly that. So good on ya!

That being said, I also recognize that there are the vast majority of you that are simply too busy to monitor and study my each and every move. Even if I provide step by step guides…sometimes we just do not have the time. After all, SEO can be VERY VERY time consuming.

As I previously mentioned, to the left you will notice a Facebook Connect button – this is for those looking for speed and simplicity. Simply click it and agree…badda bing badda boom…you’re all set and you immediately get access to the Quick Start SEO Guide and you’ll also be given the password to read my coveted password protected posts from herein.


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