No soup for you!

If you have not already heard this saying, it was from an episode of Seinfeld about a small bistro that sold a bisque and when Jerry and gang, particularly Elaine, irritated the business owner and chef, he cut them off. No soup for you! He was quickly dubbed…the Soup Nazi.

Is Google the new soup Nazi?

We witnessed the explosion of the WWW over the past 10-15 years and along with that we’ve also watched many .com’s come and go like the wind. Over these years there have been many search engines like Excite, Infoseek, HotBot and Metacrawler, that were all eventually put to rest by the success of the big wig…Google. The mortality rate of search engines over the years is substantially higher than that of being in downtown Iraq on March 21, 2003 when “Shock & Awe” came raining down.

We all know that along with great power comes great responsibility and when abused…things can get ugly.

Google is…by far…the number one search engine on the WWW. Not to mention that they currently hold the #1 spot in Alexa for most visited sites in existence. Facebook comes in a close second. What does being the #1 search provider mean? Well…

Considering that Google has had such an impact on our lives, so much so that they’ve even influenced the English language to the point where Webster and Oxford dictionaries now list “goo¬∑gle” as a verb!

In 2009, Google held 90% of the search market and now fills over 1 billion search requests EACH AND EVERY DAY!

So what comes from all this power? A slight case of dictatorism of course. (yes it is an actual word)

What effect can Google have on your business? Well let’s just say that if Google wants to, by all senses of the word, REMOVE YOU from existence in the digital realm…they can do precisely that. Google maintains the stance that it does not exist however many SEOs would disagree, none the less there is a legend that Google has a ‘sandbox’ where they disgard websites they feel need smartening up. But who makes these decisions and is there recourse?

As of late I’ve been informed that one of the media outlets I write for, is currently experiencing something that resembles the ‘sandbox’ effect that Google says does not exist.

Since December 2010, Newblaze has been shunned from the Google News playground. Having been accepted as “one of the gang”, Newsblaze has had their content featured in Google News since 2006. Now five years later, and without justification, Google has simply removed them. No soup for you!

Imagine what this does to a news outlet that is dependent upon serving news content to countless affiliates via Google News? Essentially it would appear that Google has stuck it to them and has absolutely no intentions of responding with why or how to rectify the situation.

What if tomorrow you woke up and Google decided, for whatever reason, that your site needed to be punished. Do you think you might stand a hope in Hell of going up against a company valued in excess of $153.4 billion dollars (in 2009) and just so happens to be inside every nook and cranny of global politics? Good luck.

Sorry to say but when Google turns out the lights, you might as well turn up your hearing aid because if you listen hard enough…I’m sure you’ll hear that fat lady singing her heart out.

No soup for you!

Footnote: you want to try to do your part in preventing the Google machine from being the dictator of the web? Please follow this link and submit the following domain to Google News for consideration in their listings.


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