Like the Black Eyed Peas said…I’ve certainly got a feeling…that things are about to really take off for me.

You see I’m a believer in giving clients what they pay for. And if that involves you writing copy for them then you best know what the hell you are doing and not ‘practice’ on real life clients. I think its best if you are the guinea pig rather than messing around with, not only people’s money, but also their reputations.

If someone claiming to be a copywriter comes in and says, “hey! I can write a bitch’in sales letter for you that’s going to make you millions.” And then just so happens to have NEVER written a damn thing before…you’re gonna have problems. BIG PROBLEMS.

So over the past years I’ve been my own guinea pig. I’ve tried hundreds of different methods of online marketing. Some good and some bad. Others…HORRIBLE. My point is that I didn’t use anyone else for a lab rat.

It’s hard out here for a pimp…copywriter

Another uniqueness about me is that I had never ‘inter-mingled’ with the industry’s “who’s who” so it is highly probable that NONE of them even knew I existed. I’m fine with that. It’s a two way street. However as of late I’ve done a couple interviews with industry insiders and to be quite honest…I felt rather embarrassed when asked if I knew this person and that person. Should I have been though? What can I say really…sometimes I’m a recluse who prefers a constant flow of self education over name dropping and attending seminars of other “professionals”. I prefer to be one of the ones YOU COME SEE.

As a result I am booking up quickly for interviews meanwhile juggling my existing clients. I do however have an upcoming radio interview which should be something special. More on that later. (when I have time to sit with her.)

I never did get the line…”you want to know the secret to how I made millions in direct marketing? Attend my seminar to find out today!” Umm….I can answer that without even knowing a damn thing about the dude. You got rich by the thousands and thousands of attendees to your “seminars”. Thats how. CASE CLOSED.

Unless of course you are like Gary or myself and you create something out of nothing and turn it in to a goldmine. PAY DIRT! To be honest though…if Gary were alive today (in private of course) he would be the first to tell you that he couldn’t have replicated that sales letter that catapulted him to the throne of copywriters the world over. Then again…I’d tell you the same. I will probably never be able to replicate the “goldmine” of 2000 either.

We can die trying however!

Don Halbert
Copywriter and SEO


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