I’ve been thinking…I know I know…but seriously I have, and I feel I really need to get out more.

Being hardwired in to the Matrix…ummm…sorry….the Internet 24/7 can be a bit of a nightmare. I go out for dinner…I’m wired. I go to the beach….I’m writing & wired. I fly on a jet plane…I’m wired, writing and talking about writing and the Internet. It’s craziness I tell you!

However I believe that money is a bi-product of enthusiasm. So…………

My son Skyler. Nothing: no one person in this world means more to me than him. I like to think I do it all for him so that he can have a life a little easier than mine was. Not that mine was bad or anything. Right mom? šŸ˜‰

On the other hand however I do appreciate the fact that all work and no play makes Don a dull boy.

For that reason we started to go out for dinner more often and takeĀ sporadicĀ trips to the beach. Although I still find it hard to let down the iPhone and disconnect…I am getting better at it.

PS: like to give a shout out to my extended family in Victoria…Wal-A-Net. Pura vida!


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