Having been joined at the hip with Apple computers since my first Apple II in 1979, I will preach how great they are to anyone willing (or not) to lend an open ear. (read my “Growing up Mac” article)

Mac has always been the leader in personal computers, and more and more people are making “the switch” to Apple everyday.

Currently my chosen rig is a 27″ iMac Quad Core. This is my design/work/play machine.

Today I learned something completely new about Mac computers that has me in shock and awe.

If there has ever been one thing that PC lovers cling to when it comes to a head to head comparison between Mac and PC, is that the Mac is clearly weak in the gaming department. When games are released, often first for the PC and gaming consoles, and then maybe a year or more later, they “might” release a Mac version.

So when people hit me up on that doosie, I have to admit they are…were right. Enter Cider…

Cider by Transgaming Inc. is a Canadian company (I know eh…how cool is that?) that produced a product that essentially ‘wraps’ the original PC game and permits gameplay on all supporting Intel Mac computers. It is called a portability engine whereas it permits gaming companies to port their games in a matter of days compared to the possible years it may have taken. Not to mention the man hours saved. The implications of this product are indescribable.

Dynamically coding the game on the fly, Cider goes virtually unnoticed during gameplay. Now unless you are a hardcore gamer who measures and records every frame per second, you won’t notice a thing.

Now this isn’t just propoganda. This is really fact.

I can verify that I have tried Pro Evolution 2010 soccer using Cider Technology on my iMac and it is quite simply…INCREDIBLE. I never once noticed a glitch or any problems during gameplay. I love this invention and encourage all my readers…GO OUT AND BUY A MAC!

Being a systems engineer, I’ve built over 3000 computers in my life so I think it’s safe to say I know a little bit about what I am talking about here. I use to come home after fixing and building PCs all day, to my reliable, headache free, virus free, trojan free and just plain WORKS…Macintosh computer. Its true…they just work!

Remember my favorite oxymoron? Microsoft Works.


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