dead manConstantly. It is a never ending barrage of ‘self help’ and ‘life lessons’ everywhere we go. But can we truly teach anyone else life lessons when in reality…we are still knee deep in it?

I’ve always thought the best advice would be from a dead 110 year old. Now that would be a story worth paying the price of admission. Then again…

After just finishing a National Geographic program called Moment of Death, I began to think about this a little.

I’ve always been fascinated with the paranormal and the mystery of what happens when we die. So this show was right up my alley.

I listened to story after story of afterlife experiences and ALL had very similar situations occur. Now of course they presented both sides of the theory: scientific theory of how our brains react at the moment of death and also the spiritual side.

I love these shows as they stimulate the brain. One of the interesting changes in my life as a result of moving to Costa Rica (aside from taking out the trash) was the fact that now I get to select what I watch…when I want to watch it…WITHOUT COMMERCIALS.

You see I get everything via torrents so I get the pick of the crop while skipping the brainwashing, brain dead commercialized crap. You know…like the E! channel 24/7. Thats crap in my opinion. So I focus on shows from Nova, NatGeo and various documentaries. Brain food.

Wow…slightly off topic. Let me get back on track.

So as I was saying before I fell off course, I believe that it would be difficult for someone to give anyone else lessons in life while still going through it. There are exceptions.

With all the near death experiences and the common stories being told, one has to wonder…if it is true that when we die we let go of all the pain, grief, guilty, responsibility and generally…all the crap in our lives – what does it matter? One would think that the best advice to anyone would be…LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST AS THOUGH EVERY MOMENT IS YOUR LAST.

Now that’s advice.

PS: to be honest I think my late great uncle Gary Halbert (Greatest Copywriter to Ever Exist) would agree (if he were here today) that in death, more people take note to his teachings and in turn he essentially enlightens more people in death than he did in life.[/like-lock]


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