Lately life’s been good. Nope…can’t complain. You know sometimes when you just know that your life has taken a turn for the better and the future looks that much clearer? I’m there baby!

With some clients throughout the Dominical area, I’m finding myself spending more quality time at the beach. Just something that is so relaxing when you can sit back, watch the waves crashing…and the surfers crashing too…and let go of everything if only for a moment. Bliss.

On top of it all, my hardwork andĀ perseveranceĀ is beginning to pay off as my ‘bait sites’ are beginning to corner the markets that I set my sights on. Costa Rica Property Site is looking like it might be ripe for the moment as I take a long hard look at the future of it. Did I mention how dominant it is now throughout the SERPs? Considering the one guy outranking me is doing so while supported by a marketing budget exceeding 100k a year…I’m not doing that bad!

My Uvita site is now, only a few months in, already nipping that #1 spot in Google for it’s targeted market. And what about this site? Well, pretty much of the same. In only three weeks of some hardcore guerrilla marketing, I’ve managed to bump a lot of competitors for “Costa Rica marketing” and am currently sitting comfortably at #3. Hey…give it a little time and watch how that climbs even higher.

Lot of crime talk these days from the serial killers getting nabbed at the Nicaragua/Costa Rica border, to the international arrest warrant and extradition of Bruno Saligari of Prince George, Canada. I don’t think I can recall in recent memory when there has been more crime related news coming out of Costa Rica. To be honest I’m not sure if its a good sign or a bad one. Maybe they are buckling down harder these days or possibly it’s just a rise in crime. Who knows but either way it’s good to hear the “bad guys” getting what they deserve.


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