Throughout my life I’ve been thrown my share of curveballs, yet through it all I’ve always taken away positives from all my experience good or bad. However now as I prepare myself mentally for the big 40 coming, I’m finding myself thinking looking at things, from a different perspective.

I use to live a very materialistic lifestyle. These days…not so much.

The Costa Ricans have a saying that translated, goes something like this: when we are born we are without nothing, and when we die…we die with nothing.

So much for the reverse saying in Canada of, “whoever dies with the most toys wins!”

But seriously though, why are we so attached to our material items?

If you stopped and thought for a moment I’m sure that most of your daily stresses aka speed bumps, are stemming from your attachment to material items.

I guess now that I am a parent, my views on life, and it’s speed bumps, are completely different than before. Now all that matters are family, health and a good career that makes me happy.

Come to think of it actually…this mentality actually started long before Skyler was ever born when I decided to sell all my worldly belongings and rid my life of this materialistic personality that was developing inside of me and escape to Costa Rica. That was the beginning right there. When a doctor tells you it’s either change or go blind…you tend to take note. I took note.


…others…not so much. What would you¬†sacrifice¬†for YOUR chunk of materialism?


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