Why are so many business “green” to the obvious that any business can benefit from a good online marketing strategy?

If you are a business owner of any size, and you are not paying much attention to your online marketing efforts, then one thing is for certain, you will regret it!

For two years straight I preached the importance of online Costa Rica marketing to businesses throughout the Southern Zone while all of it fell on to deaf ears. Now that I’m not in that same position whereas I was trying to “convince” in order to “create” work for myself, I can analyze this now from an outside perspective looking in.

Don’t get me wrong here folks, there are a few…and I mean a few…businesses in the Southern Zone that actually do appreciate it and are doing their best to monopolize on it. And no, having a web site on the internet does not qualify your business as monopolizing on anything in terms of online marketing. That’s like heading out on the football field and picking up a blade of grass and saying you’ve just mowed the lawn.

I have an old saying I love…

Sh** or get off the pot!

Which basically means either do something or stop complaining. This is highly relevant to online marketing throughout the Southern Zone where, in this regard, they are far behind the rest of the country.


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