A very long time ago a very wise man once told me, “Whether it’s good or bad…so long as people are talking about you, that is all that matters. It’s when no one talks about you that you need be concerned.”

These days playing puppetmaster (queue circus theme music now) to a select group of easily guided and distracted individuals, has been slightly amusing for me. Dont worry however, it’s not like this requires too much of my time. Quite the contrary. Its like playing with children….oh look! is that a flying purple elephant?

The only reaction for the uneducated individual is to lash out. Whether physical or otherwise. This is most often the case when the ignorant are faced with the reality of their own shortcomings.  For the rest of us we like to refer to it as ENTERTAINMENT. Same reason why so many people are fixated with the likes of Paris Hilton or whether or not Brittney is wearing any panties today. We are all amused by the stupidity of our fellow man/woman. Sad but true.

Popularity contests were never my thing. However with that being said, I don’t care if you like me or not….JUST KEEP READING ME.


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