Wow. What can I say. I’ve just watched half, it’s long, of the documentary on medical disorders and the marketing behind it called The Marketing of Madness. I always knew that it was big business but over 300 billion a year???

Myself being in the business of Costa Rica marketing, this is what drew me to watching this film as I thought it might be interesting to learn how this kind of thing is marketed and the strategies used.

We often laugh at the saying that there is a disorder for everything, but do we understand how these disorders are classified?

Pharmaceutical companies are the ones pulling the strings of the entire psychiatry field. Actually the psychiatrists are the dealers who peddle these unproven, voted, mental disorder drugs to the public.

If you know someone, or possibly yourself, that has been diagnosed with a mental disorder, you really should watch this film. Sure its 3 hours long but my God…you’ve got to see this. I believe it is free on YouTube to watch however its around 18 parts.

As an advanced diabetic, I’ve been dependent on drugs the majority of my life. In the film however they do say that at least with insulin and kidney medication, you can measure the results. With mental drugs you can not measure anything because they are not based on any kind of science but rather are VOTED on by pharmaceutical companies that write the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

Here in Costa Rica I’ve noticed an alarming dependency on drugs. Got a cough? Here’s an antibiotic. Heartburn? Here’s something for acid reflux disease. Even when babies are born here they recommend a gazillion vaccine shots. The bonus about the marketing of pharmaceuticals here in Costa Rica, is that most average Costa Ricans can not afford the meds and therefore normally opt-out of taking anything a “doctor” prescribes to them. At least when it comes to mental disorders. This is not to say the problem doesn’t exist, just not as rampant as the USA and Canada.


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