Ever wonder how these ‘young punks’ always manage to travel around and see the world while returning to their oceanfront mansions, exotic sports cars and general overall lap of luxury lifestyles? Not me. I was one.

I remember when I was enjoying the sun and surf — chilling out on the white sands of Playa Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico — while still conducting my business…e-business back home in Victoria. It was an exhilarating experience to be vacationing in some exotic locale while back home…the bank account was fill’in up!

These days things are a little different — at least in my regard…

As I try to get to that comfortable place again…I see it all the time — guys hanging out in coffee shops, park benches and even the beach! And they are all making cash hand over fist.

iPad Machu Picchu

This is not me! But it might be someday

This is the life of an affiliate marketer.

I don’t know how many times I’ve read blogposts whereas the affiliate marketer signs off by saying, “…and now I’m off on an African safari.” or “…I think now I’ll go scuba diving off the coast of the Dominican Republic.”

And you know…this isn’t something to frown upon either. This is simply the life of person who chooses a career path that affords them the fortune of working from any where!

I’ve got to admit though that sometimes we (Internet marketers) get a bad rap for that reason.

Last year or so when I returned to Canada, I clearly am capable of doing my job anywhere there’s an Internet connection, yet some of my clients at the time felt I may have been slacking. To boot…it got me thinking a tad bit insecurely by thinking to myself that maybe I should return to my “box” and do as I’m told by my contracts. Truth be told…as any Internet marketer will tell you, we get our inspiration and creative spark from our adventures outside the cubicle we call our office.

Now that (well in two days) I am the proud owner of a New iPad HD, I will be doing as much or my work remotely as humanly possible. The mobile office is the only way to go!

Sure I’ll have my 3 other computers working overtime with tedious SEO tasks like link-building and social media marketing, but me, I’ll be writing on the fly baby. Hasta luego.

PS: Additionally I’ve finally taken steps to create my own affiliate empire and have begun acquiring TLDs in highly profitable micro niches. So who knows…maybe in a short time I’ll be writing you from the top of Machu Pichu in Peru!



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