The animal kingdom has copious varieties of predators from the, in your face violent attack of a polar bear, to the stealthy but  deadly attack of the box jellyfish. Although both are extremely dangerous in their own right, one differs greatly from the other by definition of predator.


  1. An organism that lives by preying on other organisms.
  2. One that victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one’s own gain.

Like anything else in life, there can be many variations of any particular noun. My personal favorite is the ambush predator.

Ambush Predator


  1. An organism that utilizes cunning and stealth to prey on other organisms.
  2. An organism that lies motionless in camouflage while waiting for it’s prey to come to them.

Furthermore, the ambush predator sometimes permits it’s enemies to peck pieces from it’s own body while lying motionless waiting for the right moment of attack. Attacks by ambush predators can be deadly while it’s prey never may actual see them before it’s too late.  Ambush predators rarely attack unless provoked or it becomes necessary for feeding. You won’t see an ambush predator swimming around attacking other organisms just for the hell of it.

Unlike the ambush variety of predator, the average predator like the bear or wolverine can be not only violent in their attacks but also pursue confrontation without giving much regard for the consequences. This is normally due to their overwhelming confidence and in the human variety, arrogance that they can take on anything. Actually the two previously mentioned predators are the perfect example. The wolverine on average is 1/10 the mass of a fully mature kodiak grizzly bear yet this does not stop the animal from taking one on and vice versa for the bear. The wolverine. although small in size, is considered to be the fiercest creature on the planet and attacks with such aggression that it can even drive bears away from their kill.

However in my opinion, brute force attacks can always be defeated using a more cunning stealth attack. This is obvious in the comparison of strategy games of chess and go. Chess is a game of tactics and essentially lacks a deep strategic component unlike Go. Go is the universally most accepted “strategy” game of all time and throughout history whenever the two, Go and Chess, go head to head like in war for example, Go always prevails. IE: Vietnam war

Essentially I believe that a more cunning, strategic, sit-and-wait stealth attack is more effective by far than a brute force attack without any stratagem. Ace up your sleeve. Never reveal your hand. Make your opponent look one way while attacking the other, are all examples of ambush predator attack strategy.


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