Well…it’s official. As of this week I am officially starting my CEA (Cheese Eaters Anonymous) 12 step program.

Addicted to CheeseFor the past while I have begun to wonder if cheese is addicting. You see the thing is this – my whole life I have had cravings for cheese, and as of late, whenever I run out of normal cheddar or whatever flavor of the day I happen to be in to, I get anxious for cheese and will even eat process cheese (I normally wont touch processed food) just to fullfil the craving. Some thing was up and I needed to find out…IS CHEESE ADDICTING?

Funny thing…turns out cheese is actually addicting.

Many scientists and nutritionists say that cheese is even more addicting than chocolate. The reason being is that, as early back as the 1980s, researchers have known that cheese contains trace amounts of morphine. You probably think I am joking…but I’m not!

The source of morphine is actually the cow itself. You see, mothers milk, whether human or otherwise, contains a small amount of the opiate morphine to ensure that offspring take to their mothers milk and intake the required nutrients a baby needs to grow healthy.

Researchers later discovered the protein casein. This protein breaks into casomorphins when it is digested which also produces opiate effects. In the case of cheese, casein is concentrated, therefore, so is the level of casomorphins.

Neal Barnard, MD said, “Since cheese is processed to express out all the liquid, it’s an incredibly concentrated source of casomorphins—you might call it dairy crack.” (Source:

With the average American consuming 33 pounds of cheese a year – I’m not alone.

To make matters worse, cheese is additionally high in saturated fats and sodium. Kind of like a double whammy here as far as the heart is concerned. Saturated fats will raise cholesterol and the sodium will increase blood pressure. Possibly cheese could even be considered a form of population control.

For years, food companies have been approving (via FDA) unhealthy additives for the profit hungry producers of the products and in most instances even sidelining the public health risks in order to push through a particular product (IE: the drug Vioxx and even some say, Aspartame)

The mechanism used by companies is to apply pressure on Congress through lobbyists, and in turn, Congress will apply pressure to managers within the FDA to approve. Are we to trust the words of such a corrupt agency when it comes to our life-blood….FOOD?

With my decision to become hardcore vegetarian while back in Canada, I believe this will be quite challenging considering my diet is already so very limited. I guess it’s time to step up the creativity in the kitchen.

That being said, I believe it’s in my best interest to cut the cheese intake in my life down to either nothing, or very little. I just hope I don’t end up like those drug addicts you see on TV – twitching and convulsing during withdrawals…cheese withdrawals.


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