Living in the middle of the Costa Rica jungle doesn’t have to be all that tough now does it? Naaaa….

I dont even have SKY TV here and haven’t had it for a very long time. Nope I prefer to just download whatever I want to watch and them put it on my 5TB of hard disc space (soon to be 6TB) and watch then commercial free and leisurely whenever I feel like it. Like tonight for example.

Tonight I am going to watch Apprentice and then later maybe Ultimate Fighter, of which I had no idea had already started another seas….(Just felt an earthquake. small but there)..on.

I picked up a Time Capsule while back in Toronto a week or so ago and still haven’t gotten around to setting the thing up. I’m gonna tentatively set a “date” for Wednesday on that one. Same time I will setup the new Macbook also. 😉

I tend to shop like a 16yr old @ the mall when in Canada and this was no exception. But I’ve reserved the best for next time. I’m heading home again very soon so I can wait. Maybe a new iPad next time (when it gets a camera). Toronto was short and sweet like always and didn’t have much time for anything so all the more reason for my next visit to be slightly more extended. Be seen’in ya soon Canada…see’in ya soon!


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