Well, enough of that already…

No more “Costa Rica SEO”, “Costa Rica marketing” bla bla bla. After playing the game now for awhile, I’ve decided that it’s just not worth messing around with keywords that either a.) no one searches or b.) hold no immediate value for the moment.

Costa Rica SEOYou see there are “smart keywords” whereas they are targeted as a direct result of their search volume and potential for income generation.

Then there are “vanity keywords” whereas they are targeted to either prove a point or purely by accident. Vanity keywords never have any search volume to speak of and therefore are not wise to target because your ROI is very lopsided and in the red.

Then again, it is possible for vanity keywords to be SO GRAND in nature that the search volume is absolutely huge however your likelihood of ranking for it is slim to none considering you could possibly be up against and impossible task. EG: hotels

However this is not the case with the keyword phrases I’ve mentioned here today.

Let’s take “Costa Rica SEO” for example – the only search volume this phrase gets is due almost exclusively because of competing SEO companies or individuals. Not because there are potential businesses searching the Internet for “Costa Rica SEO“.

In light of this I am going to be doing another shift with my frontpage and throughout the site to target larger and more profitable markets and expand my vision throughout the entire English speaking nations of the planet.

I’m going global baby!

So if you begin to notice changes around here – this is the motivation behind it.

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