As some of you may be aware by now, I’ve recent purchased the new 27″ Quad Core iMac from Apple. Along with this computer, came a device I was very skeptical about to say the least. The Magic Mouse by Apple.

When Apple announced the device, many people were skeptical actually and then shortly thereafter when people began receiving their iMacs, they began to realize just how revolutionary it was/is.

The only negative I had read about the Magic Mouse before it’s arrival, was that it would not be good for gaming (something I still have not tried myself).

So when it arrived and I released it from it’s constraints inside the box, I looked at it and thought, “there’s nothing to this thing.”

It was light as can be and no visible buttons whatsoever. How odd I thought. Once I hooked everything up and configured the Magic Mouse to utilize my one Winbloze remnant…the right click button, I was off and running. Having had a few iPhones over the past few years, I was quite use to using the multi touch surface however not on a mouse. Surprisingly I became quickly adept in operating this new mouse and these days when the battery dies in my Magic Mouse…I think I suffer some kind of withdrawals.

I now can’t live without my Magic Mouse by Apple!


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