Well that certainly didn’t take long now did it?

Costa Rica SEOI posted awhile back about how quickly my Costa Rica SEO strategies are helping ranking in the upper echelon of Google for Costa Rica marketing…more specifically the #2 spot. I also mentioned how tough I thought it would be to bump from their pedestal considering the SEO hurdle of not having the principal keywords in my domain whereas they certainly have that covered.

As of today…March 16th, 2011…I have officially taken over the top spot in Google’s #1 position for Costa Rica marketing.

Now with that being said, I will now move my focus to yet another keyword phrase that I once ranked quite well for yet decided to turn my attention to Costa Rica marketing instead…Costa Rica SEO.

So look out my collegues because Don is aiming his sights again so expect nothing short of a few of you getting bumped while I shove my way up those rankings yet again for my next target of…

Costa Rica SEO

Although I once shot to the upper levels on this term, I decided to take on another, more important keyword phrase however now that I have achieved #1 ranking for it…looks like I will shift back to my old favorite of Costa Rica SEO.

Enter a new world of Costa Rica SEO


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