Throughout the month of February, this site took a new look and format – trouble is however that the WordPress theme was flawed. Given it was the developers first attempt at WordPress, I might cut him some slack however in the end…the best for me was right here all along.

Back to the old, but refreshed, theme…

I’ve made the conscious decision now to rethink the direction in which I am heading with respect to my marketing business.

As some of you may already know, I am a huge fan of the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

Lately I’ve found myself concentrating on getting more and more clients while at the same time, under valuing my services.

No more.

To put it plainly…I plan on taking on less clients at higher, more justifiable, rates in order to accomplish a few important elements in my life.

A more intimate customer service relationship with my select few clients which clearly will benefit the client the most – a more focused approach to each niche.

Secondly, it will free me up to enjoy more time with my family and especially my sprouting young boy Skyler.


Would You Hire This Guy?

To be honest, I simple grew tired of “chasing” clients around and undervaluing my services just to get the job. Things will be a lot different from now on…the bottom line is that, every other day I’m receiving inquiries that almost always begin with, “Given your reputation as the best – I am assuming you are expensive.”

So considering that, I might as well – at the very least – raise my rates to industry averages while at the same time, raise my already world-class customer service with my chosen clients and make it all that much more focused and productive.

As the only Certified Inbound Marketing Educator in Central America, my attention forging ahead will be on education – teaching the benefits of this fascinating and effective form of Internet marketing while equally concentrating on delivering the finest results and maintaining my existing clients.

Essentially no more bidding on jobs and competing against lesser qualified marketers based on price alone – you want to shop around your Internet marketing professional, that’s fine. In fact I would question you if you didn’t – just don’t base your decision on price alone.

There is a saying in the marketing world that goes like this…

Minimal budget = Minimal results.

Your marketing results are directly proportionate to your budget.

…you get what you pay for.

This has been brewing for sometime now after entertaining hundreds of inspiring online business people – one after the other – telling me about their million dollar idea with $20 bucks in their pocket.

Rounding this post out I would just like to say that, whether you have a boutique hotel or quaint Costa Rica surf camp, that I won’t consider taking you on as a client.

What it does mean however, is that I will no longer be bidding against my colleagues based off price alone – I will be selecting my clients based on whether I feel their business/vision is compatible to my business model.

Without fear of sounding too arrogant…I think my reputation and past achievements can attest sufficiently as to my abilities with Internet marketing.

Want a bargain? Hire the part time Costa Rica SEO | Costa Rica marketing professional while he’s between swells and not out surfing.

Then again…the term “bargain” insinuates someone has received something of value at a discounted price. In this case there’s no value.


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