Wow! What can I say about ‘ol Canada? I do miss it here. However sharing my time between here and back in Costa Rica is an alright gig also dont ya think?

One thing is for certain….ITS FLIPPIN EXPENSIVE here in Canada. Wow. What can I say? Things change or possibly I’ve just been away awhile and come accustom to life elsewhere.

Having come here with mixed emotions on what it might be like walking in the wake of the wicked witch of the west, I was pleased to see that 99.9% of everyone either saw through the BS or simply never wavered in my friendship with them. It’s good to know when you have “true” friends. Keepin it real! True story. BTW…how does it feel to not be able to leave CR by order of the courts? Funny thing is the other one cant leave Canada while the wicked one can’t leave CR. Almost Jerry Springer’ish.

On a lighter note however…I haven’t the time to see everyone who wants to hook up. This is craziness. Im honestly trying folks but cut me some slack here I need to chill a bit too. Hahaha…

[slickr-flickr tag=”canadapt1″ items=”20″ type=”slideshow” id=”57264651@N03″ group=”n” size=”medium”]

Now that Victoria and Vancouver are checked off…oh wait…hahaha..I almost forgot. Im sure my buddy Rich and his wife Natasha will be happy with ‘ol Uncle D when their 5 year old son goes to school and says, “Keep it up and I will club you like a baby seal ya hoser!


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