I could very well be the first in Costa Rica with an iPad 2.

ipad 2 in costa ricaNext week I should have my iPad 2 and accompanying smart cover. What a piece of engineering genius this is. If you haven’t already seen it then check out the YouTube video on this thing. Its incredible. [iPad 2 Official Video]

At first I wondered what on Earth I would do with an iPad. Then I thought to myself…hey what about the fact that iWork is on there including Pages. It just so happens that I use, and prefer, Pages for all my writing needs. Not to mention my attraction to Keynote for creating visually stunning videos/presentations.

As an active professional copywriter, I look forward to using my iPad 2 on the road, at the beach and during travel, for all my copywriting needs. I believe it will offer a great solution for all my presentation needs also with the mirroring capabilities and 1080i HDMI output. I am aware of its capacity and will not be expecting it to handle too much, if any, of my Costa Rica SEO work yet when it comes to my ad copy and writing needs…she’ll be just right.

With two cameras and 9X video processing power, the iPad 2 should fit the bill perfectly for me and I will anxiously await her arrival.


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