Imagine DiY Costa Rica marketing?

I think it will either sink or swim however I am currently considering taking the opportunity that has been presented to me, and possibly start doing classes on how online businesses in Costa Rica, can improve their online presence.

Having never done much public speaking, I may have to take a little time to think about it and prepare if I do go ahead and do it. I do believe it is a good idea and that quite possibly, there is a market for it. Possibly for economic reasons, or maybe for the control of being in charge of your own destiny without relying on an outside source to do it for you, whatever the reason, I think businesses in the area could benefit.

On the economic side of it, most realize the expense to hiring a good marketing/SEO firm compared to learning from the pros, and doing it yourself. Obviously this might be the biggest consideration for most attending however I do know from experience, there are those who just want 100% control over their own company.

The ‘crash course’ as I like to dub it, would be held over a 2 day period and would be offered in both Spanish and English.

Keep in mind this is something I am simply contemplating and as of the date of this writing, I have not agreed to do anything until I feel comfortable and there is enough of an interest in such a course. So we’ll see how it unfolds but right now I have a rather full plate with Costa Rica Property Site & SellingCR – Costa Rica News, my two immensely large web page projects right now. Not to mention my writings for, my latest advertising packages for businesses in the Southern Zone and and and and…did I already mention my full plate?


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