There are those who wait for opportunity and those who create their own. I like to think I’m of the latter.

My entire life I’ve been told that I should accept mediocre. Accept life and everything it throws at you. I say to hell with that!

As a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, I tend to create opportunities in my life on a daily basis. I’ve been told my entire life that I have an uncanny grasp of timing which I exploit in business repeatedly. Additionally I also surround myself with like-minded, go-getters in order to help promote my train of thought. It is true…bird’s of a feather DO flock together!

“Do not wait for your ship to come in – swim out to it”Unknown

I’ve recently been honored with the opportunity to write for the most prestigious financial paper in Costa Rica, the El Financiero, a La Nacion owned publication. How cool is that? And we are not just talking a simple “letter to the editor” style either. Nope. This article is going to be featured as a full page spread. The who’s who of business in Costa Rica read that paper and anything printed in it is held with high esteem for it’s content value and point of view. I’m super excited to have this opportunity and promise to deliver as is expected of me.

Having written hundreds of articles over a vast network of delivery channels, I am pleased with how credible and recognized my content is becoming. The whole while I remain apprehensive, for this also comes as a surprise considering my lack of formal education and experience at writing at these levels. Which is exactly ZERO. However my theory on experience over education appears to be supported yet again. You want something done? Do it yourself. You want to learn something? Teach yourself. Experience and self education can be the most satisfying experience of your life.


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