So I thought I would challenge myself to once again venture in to the world of Adobe Flash web design. So I did…


One thing worth noting about me is this. I tend to take on challenges set specifically by myself in order to prove something myself that I can infact accomplish anything I set my mind to (within reason). So I said I would give Adobe Flash another go even though I went against my better judgement as I realize that Flash is absolutely NOT SEO FRIENDLY. Flash sites do not get indexed very well in Google. Why? Well the content for a Flash site is ‘encapsulated’ within the proprietary format of Adobe Flash and therefore Google and Yahoo! can not find there way inside this format in order to index your written content. And in an industry where CONTENT IS KING, this isn’t such a good thing. A change was a brew…

I’m also a very creative thinking person and that means that my mind races at a 1000 miles a minute. I could be laying in bed at 3:30am and think of something and go, “Damn! That’s a great idea I wonder if it would work?” and then immediately jump out of bed to try my theory out or at least begin researching my idea.

Passion is the trigger of success. – Anonymous

Some call me a work-o-holic however I prefer to think I am simply passionate about what I do and therefore I’m obviously going to be successful at my chosen field especially considering how much I put in to my work. This of course is a mindset…a way of thinking that I subscribe to. Take it or leave it…it’s who I am!

Now the change has come about. We now have something completely different that is ‘very good’ in my Costa Rica SEO effort and rather than laying like a dead fish on the Net, this site will function like the rest and slowly but surely, begin to rank for my target market. I mean really folks…how embarrassing is it to have DONHALBERT.COM and not be ranking number 1 for “Don Halbert”?



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