Pinterest is the latest in the social media network arena and is growing at 4000%. But what is it good for and how can you apply it to your business?

Let me first explain that, until today…actually about 5 minutes ago…I was a little confused as to how I could monetize a social network built on the pinboard idea of pinning photos and videos I like.

Now, outside of the obvious of “pinning” your own photos and videos – what if your business really doesn’t have anything in the way of visual content like photos and video?

Services can be difficult to post photos of. For example – imagine trying to post photos and video relating to your express delivery service? Might be a little boring don’t you think?

This is where the “creativity” of using Pinterest to “visualize” your traffic comes to be.

How about if you posted landmark photos around the areas in which you deliver? Or the weird and wonderful things your drivers must see while on the road 24/7. Think Taxicab Confessions!

Another good idea would be to run a contest, advertise it on Twitter and Facebook telling people to take snapshots and pin to Pinterest anytime they see one of your company delivery drivers out and about.

Giveaway a free pizza…AND DELIVERY! 😉

Another strategic method for inbound marketers like myself, is to get creative in thinking how to attract the loads of traffic Pinterest is known to bring. But how?

Here’s what I’ve come up with and it works like gangbusters…


I’m a little in to the whole “marketing” thingy. I know…I know…big shocker.

The thing is this — when I went and revisited my Pinterest account, I starred blankly at my monitor thinking to myself, “WTF can I do that relates to the marketing world, on Pinterest, that will attract traffic?”

I’d read and heard about others doing it but how would I?

Then it hit me…

Pinterest traffic

How To Get Pinterest Traffic?

What I did was, create a pinboard called “Creative Marketing” that shows people, at a glance, what this pinboard was all about. Now, keeping in mind what Pinterest was designed for — the sharing of visual content on the social web — I set out to find the most compelling and visually stimulating marketing campaigns I could find.

Then I pinned them!

However, here’s the catch you won’t want to forget.

When you pin these nuggets you’ve discovered, you’ll want to post a short description like, “Isn’t this some KILLER marketing? For more creative marketing ideas, visit

And now, whenever someone has repinned your pin…your link will spread like wildfire along with the pin.

Put it this way…after posting my first 5 or 6 of these today, my inbox has been steadily filling up with “repin alerts” and every time I see that…I know it’s proof that one can truly visualize their traffic using Pinterest.

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