This site has rapidly become quite the success story for me. And I mean this in the true “marketing” sense of success.

Since shifting the site from a Flash site over to a WP site and diving in full bore on SEO and SEM for the site, it’s been flying high. I’ve added a Facebook Fan Page for updates and tips on how you can benefit from online marketing and even, trying it yourself with your new found knowledge on the subject.

Not sure if I mentioned it however last month this site had a record day with over 10,000 visitors in ONE DAY! The funny thing for me is that you never know just what content will fly. As a matter o facto, the ones that normally go ‘viral’ are the ones you least expect to do anything.

Took me awhile, not sure why, but I finally managed to insert my own customized “Twitter: Follow Me!” banner in the top right. Might not look that difficult but I tell ya…it wasn’t a simple as I thought it would be that’s for sure.


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