Not easy!

To be blunt about it, this is it…it’s not easy.

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) one of the first things that would benefit the client most is if they retain a domain name with the specific keyword phrase in it, they are targeting. For example if I want to target Uvita then I would buy, which I did. If I want to target Dominical, then I would buy, which I also did. However this isn’t always the case.

Enter SellingCR. This site started out as a simple FSBO site whereas I was focused on starting it just to sell my own home first. Then s**t happened and it morphed in to a portal site. Over time, SellingCR began to become quite popular until finally I was faced with a decision. I had to decide which direction the site would take whether a news site or a real estate site of some sort. I decided to take the direction of Costa Rica news site as this was the reason for the vast majority of the traffic. It was only logical.

As I continued along I thought of ‘trying’ to tap other markets as well so I began promoting my unique and effective Costa Rica SEO and along with it, I also started tapping the Dominical, Costa Rica market. One problem…all of which were not at all remotely close to my lame domain name. I call it lame because it has absolutely nothing to do with my business so the best I thought I could do would be to advertise SellingCR as “Presenting Costa Rica to the World!“. Thus the Selling part being from a “marketing” side of things.

A few revisions later and here I sit again thinking of what to do. I need to FOCUS more on the purpose of the SellingCR site and whether or not that includes dumping the lame name then so be it. Isn’t that what a 301 is best at?

Long story slightly longer…I’ve accomplished quite the milestones using a domain name that in fact, doesn’t even have Costa Rica in it and yet we rank Page 1 in Google for all of our targeted keywords/phrases. Not a bad achievement if I shall say so myself.

Imagine what I could do with a domain that is actually relevant though???


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