Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

If there has been one thing missing in Costa Rica to date, it’s a Red Lobster.

Well fate would have it that you will no longer have to wait. The time has come…

Having roasted myself at Playa Hermosa near Jaco today, I am ripe for the pickin when it comes to quality lobster. Boy did I burn today hanging around the beach and body surfing some incredible waves (long board in for repairs!).

Our first attempt to go to our original destination of Playa Herradura went astray when upon arrival we immediately were slammed inside of a traffic jam the size of something you’d see in downtown LA. It was crazy. People everywhere with many deciding to just get out and walk their butts to the beach. I would say the temperature today was pushing 40 or so to say the least.

Playa Hermosa is an incredibly beautiful beach with blackish sands covering the length of the beach. The waves were epic with gentle rolling, no closeouts, making it popular for boogie boarders, surfers and even guys like moi…body surfers.

Jaco really was lookin bigger than the last time…well that’s not entirely true as I was just there when I went up to Guanacaste but you get my point. It’s growing. And fast. High rises sprouting up everywhere.

With this Friday being a big day for me, I was enthusiastic to go to the beach with the family and hang out and forget all the “other” stuff. I’m just so excited for Friday I can hardly contain myself. Don’t worry I will share all the juicy details over the next weekend.

Until then…pura vida!


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