What a past couple months! I tell ya man, I’ve been so wrapped up in maintaining the network I’ve worked so hard to build that I’ve never ┬áhad the opportunity to sit back and revel in it.

Finally I had a few moments to sit and look deeply in to what I’ve created with the SellingCR network. I’ve got to say folks…it darn tootin great!

Not only does this network of sites 100% tie in with one another in order to function as a whole, living organism, but from a web design perspective it’s ‘sweetness’.

I am especially proud of the new look SellingCR – Costa Rica News site. That baby is ground breaking stuff with it’s up to the second news on what’s happening throughout Costa Rica. As far as this site goes…I get compliments on this one just like I do on most of my sites but this one is especially close to my heart for obvious reasons. From a design perspective it’s not too shabby considering it was my first venture in to the WP arena (WordPress).

Normally most of my work is done with Joomla! CMS and actually, I’ve become of a bit of the Costa Rican Joomla! go to guy when it comes to people looking for solutions on SEO or onsite Joomla! design.

In case you’re wondering where this ‘surprise’ revelation came from…well to be honest so much of my work is done behind the scenes that I basically….DONT GET OUT MUCH! It’s true. Most of my time is spent in admin panels and FTP looking at the raw code…THE SOURCE. I’m still a bit of an old schooler that prefers monochrome green over a fancy GUI any day.


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