Talk about a sensitive subject right? Well controversy is my middle name.

At least in cyber-space it is. In real life…another story all together.

In person I still hold the same beliefs and viewpoints yet for some reason, throughout my life I’ve had an uncanny ability to communicate with people on highly sensitive subjects like religion without offending or angering anyone. Which I might add…is not that easy when it comes to subjects like religion or politics.

But actually this blog post is not about my stand on religion per se but more about an interesting show I’m now following on BBC called, The Bible’s Buried Secrets.

The first episode I watched was yesterday and it was Season 1- Episode 2 and it was about the idea that, contrary to popular dogma/belief, the Jewish religion was not always monotheistic but rather it began with the polytheistic mindset of multiple Gods. Furthermore they would provide compelling evidence to support that “God” aka Yahweh aka El…actually had a wife. Asherah.

Essentially if this were true it would put the entire origins and motives of the Bible in to question. Controversy? You bet…precisely what I enjoy.

I myself like to review the evidence and draw my own conclusion/opinion based on what I have seen or heard myself. I’m a logical thinker rather than a practicing student of “blind faith”.

Anyways…long story slightly longer – after watching this I of course hit the Net to review and study what I had just learned via this BBC special. Was what they were saying true? Apparently so.

Religion fascinates me. I’m not a practicing participant of any organized religion but this is not to say I dont appreciate religion and the positive effects faith can have. Quite the contrary. I do have faith…maybe just not the same as yours or even Jesus for that matter. But I still have faith.


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