I’m going to talk quite frank about myself…

I realize that there are those out there that may think I’m arrogant, pompous, cocky or just plain full of it. However there is one thing that, very easily, can put all doubts to rest. Results!

Anyone can talk the talk but when it comes to walkin it…they fall short.

About a month ago now, I ventured in to the Dominical market seeking clients to promote their businesses. I went to at least 5 of the major hotels of the Southern Zone and all of which, politely declined or said yes but when push came to shove, they never put pen to paper.

I find it strangely peculiar when people recognize the importance of online marketing and admit that it’s of the utmost importance to anyone looking to gain that “edge” on their competition, yet when it comes right down to it, they wait and one of their competitors takes advantage. My case in point is the hotel scene throughout the Southern Zone.

A client/friend had been closely watching as my network/name began to gain momentum and recognition. A week ago, he decided to make his move and he hired me. The events of only one short week goes like this…

  • Starting point for “Dominical Hotel” in Google was #7
  • Traffic was under 20 visitors a day
  • Meta tags were an SEO nightmare

…now here we are in only 1 short week.

  • Google ranking for “Dominical Hotel” in position #3
  • Traffic spikes exceeding 300+ visitors a day
  • All meta tags have been repaired and prepared for the looming Google PR update

What is even more bittersweet is the fact that the one competitor that was bumped from the #3 position and replaced by my client, was the one that procrastinated and never pulled the trigger despite realizing the importance of online marketing. Not only that but they now sit in position #7 where my client once was. IRONY.

So like I’ve said many times in the past, if you want to get that “edge” on the competition, especially in Costa Rica, then hire someone like myself to do all your online marketing and SEO to bring your business to the next level. Interested? Hire me!


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