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Wikipedia defines SEO copywriter as…

Search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting is textual composition for web page marketing that emphasizes skillful manipulation of the page’s wording to place it among the first results of a user’s search list, while still producing readable and persuasive content. – Source: Wikipedia

That’s the definition as per Wiki however here is my interpretation…

Copywriting is the art of persuasion in print. In other words…writing to convince people to buy.

Search engine optimization is the science of elevating a web site ranking in the search engines.

Together, they form the best of both worlds and can produce results unlike anything ever seen before using traditional methods.

An SEO copywriter is faced with a unique challenge – the perfect blend of content optimization while still maintaining a suitable and effective amount of pursuasive text. All while retaining a “readable” format so the end-user essentially does not detect the SEO copywriter work.

History of the SEO copywriter

It was only natural that during the rise of the Internet, that the creation of otherwise individual professions, would be intermingled. In the case of the SEO copywriter this came about with the fusion of the traditional copywriter, with the technical, almost scientific, methods of the search engine optimization expert.

What we see today is the ideal mix of SEO talent with the highly lucrative business of writing persuasive ad copy.

Never more evident than in a well designed web site.

what is seo copywriting SEO CopywriterThe best of any SEO copywriter can be seen on web sites. For it is here that a skillful SEO copywriter can work his/her magic by writing onsite content that is persuasive, SEO-friendly and most importantly…pleasing to read by the site visitor.  More often than not when sites simply hire an SEO, they end up with content that is not that readable and in the end they push away more clients than they attract.

 The many faces of an SEO Copywriter

You might be wondering, aside from web site content, where an SEO copywriter can be utilized. Let me explain.

Web Content:

Starting off firstly with the stereo-typical usage of an SEO copywriter – this entails writing pursuasive copy along with SEO infusion, upon the web site itself. The benefits, if they are not clear, are that you have, not only quality unique content, but you’ve also got SEO infusion to the liking of the search engines in order to rank your site accordingly to the target market for that particular page.

SEO Article Writing:

This is where I really excel. The ever more crucial ingredient to any SEO campaign is content. Releasing quality articles became so much more important after Google’s recent Panda update. This update brought the work of an SEO copywriter to the forefront.

The is where articles are written on particular subjects and then injected with the necessary SEO elements. After the article is complete, it is then distributed throughout the thousands of article directory sites where Google and the likes will then be able to index your article and in turn crediting your site with powerful backlinks as a result.

Press Releases:

This aspect requires the most talented of SEO copywriters in order to present the material in a fashion that Main Street media outlets will affiliate.

Maintaining legal credibility in press release writing is crucial. One mistake can cost a business their future. For this reason the responsibility is high for the SEO copywriter.

Again this is similar to SEO article writing however it will often be presented with less SEO elements to ensure the press release can retain its professional appearance.

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Don Halbert is a resourceful, proven and effective SEO copywriter and Internet marketer. With heritage stemming back to one of the greatest copywriters to ever exist, his work can be seen from The NYT straight up to Forbes and CBS Moneywatch.

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