More often than not, when companies launch their online presence (aka web site), they do it ‘bass ackwards’.

I’ve come across my fair share of sites and when it comes to evaluating a potential Costa Rica SEO client, I naturally delve in to their web site source code and see what’s been going on.

What should flow like a roadmap, often resembles a tangled mess of string that even Stephen Hawking himself couldn’t decipher.

The natural placement for a good SEO foundation always begins with design.

I know its tough to find a web designer/SEO expert these days but…when possible, it’s best to have the two of them, work hand in hand from inception. This way you wont have to come back later and ask an SEO professional to review and subsequently repair, all the damages done over the years.

Luckily there is a slight exception here.

The age of a site holds value in the eyes of Google. And if after 2-4 years you decide you need to do some drastic changes on the backend in regards to SEO…you typically can get away with it without much repercussion. Now this is not to say you should go all gun-ho on your site and flagrantly change all sorts of things. No. Do this and you will certainly pay. What I am saying is that a trained professional in SEO can/should go in like a surgeon, and bring the site up to par.

But then again there are those that will simply continue on their merry way wondering why they can never rise in the rankings while watching their competitors sail on past. It’s called the bottleneck. And bottlenecking yourself can, and will, end up putting yourself in a position where there is no alternative but to ride out the Google punishment that they almost certainly will bestow upon you.

Long story slightly longer…try to have your SEO done at the same time as the site design and that way you will save yourself loads of money in the long haul, and rank a lot better also.


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