If there’s one thing I find most difficult to deal with in my chosen profession – that would be playing what is called the “Google Dance”.

The Google Dance is the participation in standing idly by while Google tries to calculate, your placement in their search engine result pages that the client will see when searching your desired keyword term.

In many instances, depending on the level of SEO taking place, this effect can be drastic in either direction. We all know every action has an equal and opposite reaction – this couldn’t be more true of SEO.

I’ve seen pages go from the #1 spot to drop to the second or third pages in the SERPs overnight. Talk about a shock to the system for the unsuspecting client. Trying to explain that one come Monday morning can be a real bitch!

None the less I try my best to  prepare my clients for this to happen. I say that although it will be a nice pleasant experience while we are at the top…don’t for a moment think it will last. At least while you are still actively performing SEO. This is especially the case with highly competitive terms that can take a year or more to dominate. You’ve probably heard that when a potential SEO expert claims to give you #1 results in X amount of time…RUN AWAY! This is the reason. You can’t make such a bold claim considering you don’t work for Google nor do you know what they will do.

SEO serpsYou can however (if you’re worth your weight) promise that OVER TIME…you will accomplish top ranking in the SERPs given the budget and timeframe necessary to do so. Rush jobs in SEO end up in the box!

Furthermore the SERPs are like a glacier – in a constant state of movement. As you can imagine, SEO specialist typically want to see them moving in the right direction however if you only look at the results on a day to day perspective…you simply can not get the full picture. This is why we SEO experts look at the entire picture over time. It’s only with this information that we can see that our job is being performed effectively or not.

For example:

When I look at client stats on any SEO work, I will take the data from the moment I began until the current day. Then I will see the trend of steady increase or otherwise and adjust accordingly. However if you jump on every decline in the SERPs you will suffer in the end. Understanding that SERPs go down as often as they go up, is key to an effective overall SEO strategy.

Patience is a virtue!



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