Years ago when I was involved in the digital satellite industry (see here), I unintentionally became involved in what would later prove to be…a 3-ring circus.

Back in the day it wasn’t uncommon for me to retain a steady 3-4 full on stalkers. These people are real pieces of work. I’ve received telephone death threats, threatening letters/packages, emailed photos of stalkers on my property while away from home, calls to my family members threatening them and one time even instigated a federal stalking and fraud suit against one man who’s obsessive and psychopathic behavior was being projected upon several victims including myself. This case involved phone taps, a sergeant with the RCMP Serious Internet Crime Department and even the assistance of political heavies within the BC NDP party who held power at the time.

So I guess you could say I’m kind of use to have these sideshow freaks around.

Often I am asked…why?

Here is my best assumption why this continues to occur.

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  • SNAKE – More times than not, these types have plenty of free time on their hand (with being so darn professional) that they attack others while trying to peddle their snake oil by attempting to make themselves appear more knowledgable than they really are. In fact, realty has dictated that the types of people that engage in this type of sociopathic behavior are merely insecure AND immature

    Sometimes the only taste of success some people get is by taking a bite out of you.

    wannabe’s looking to do just about anything for their 15 seconds.
  • ENVY – When you’re on top EVERYONE wants to knock you off. This single element was often the driving force behind all my previous stalkers.
  • OBSESSIVE – a chemical imbalance along with the side-effects of going ‘cold turkey’ on their psychiatrist prescribed psychotropic drugs often induces erratic and irrational behavior. In all my previous experiences with these people…all were on some sort of heavy medication.


Just this morning actually — the inspiration behind writing this post — I received yet another email from one of these wack-a-doodles…[like-lock]

I woke up to find another email in my inbox from someone I’d received verbal diarrhea from in the past.

You see…I “may or may not” have lineage stemming back to the great Gary Halbert as there are portions of my family from Florida that claim yes while others dispute it. Ultimately it has no bearing on my life – never has never will. Everything I’ve accomplished in my life has been the result of my own hardwork and not that of riding coat-tails of anyone else. In fact, while Gary Halbert was touring around city to city giving his age old theories on copywriting, I was busy with my own company, Triton Systems – the former powerhouse digital technology company that single-handedly reinvented the way online marketing would be done from those days forward.

3 Ring CircusBut what would a SEO 3-ring circus freak be without irony right? Here is comes…

David DeAngelo (not Dangelo like the fraud who emailed me) is the pen name for the reputable and highly successful Eben Pagan, an Internet entrepreneur who dominated the online dating scene. Not someone that you typically find trolling around the Net looking to pick fights with people out of spite.

After slamming me for the 2nd time for apparently riding the coat-tails of Gary Halbert (where I have no idea), this circus freak says to me…”wanna wrestle?”

This came after he mentioned the recent reincarnation of Negative SEO and how one can utilize it to sabotage other competitors. Something Google needs to seriously look at with their Penguin 1.1 update.

The irony of it all is that…if he’s so obsessed with Gary Halbert and is offended over the mere fact I share a last name with one of the greats…why would he hide behind the alias of a great himself and even take it a step further by pretending to actually be him?

You see, this person has been on the Don Halbert Newletter for awhile now — and I’ve gotten a couple emails in the past from him — my question has always been…”if you’re so upset with being on my mailing list, why not “unsubscribe”?”

Being the typical 3-ring circus SEO freak he is…he’d rather not and instead just continue to remain a Snake who’s Envious and Obsessed with my success.

In closing here is how I responded to his question of “wanna dance?”…

I think you should find something better to do with your time.

…sad fact is…he’s not alone. There are currently three of them – for which I’ve labeled this post SEO: The 3-Ring Circus.[/like-lock]

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