SEO: Search engine optimization. Something I know a little about…

Let’s face it – people can get pretty darn comfortable in their jobs and begin to take things for granted. Never a good thing. Not too sure about yourself but my mother always told me to stay on my toes because anyone can be replaced. Essentially I took that as – learn as much as possible and try to maneuver yourself in to the best, most strategic position possible and never let your guard down. YOU NEVER KNOW IT ALL & YOU CAN NEVER LEARN ENOUGH.

For this reason I have always sought to improve, and build upon, my utility belt. We all know the old saying of,

“Jack of all trades. Master of none.”

costa rica seoHow do you read that statement? Many may interpret that as a person claiming to be skilled in a variety of areas however actually knows none of them. OR…there is another interpretation of this phrase that I prefer. That is, the fact that we may know a lot however we never TRULY know everything. This is precisely my point (or my mother – whichever you prefer) when I say that you can never know enough. Forever be learning rather than closing your mind and taking the arrogant road by saying I KNOW IT ALL.

I am constantly learning from my colleagues. Whether its during interviews, Skype calls, emails, podcasts, telephone calls or in person, I am like a sponge who persistently learns something from every interaction with every person. People fascinate me.

Whoa! Boy, looks like I got a little off track here…

Where I’m going with this is…in the SEO industry you must constantly be adding to your library of knowledge or you could find your position has become REDUNDANT.

With Google and Yahoo! constantly looking to improve the quality and experience of their clients (IE: searchers), they are forever in steady progression and you just never know when that day will come where SEO as a whole…has been rendered useless.

Has that day come?

I believe so…to a certain extent. The old days of following a simplistic method of backlinking, on/off site optimization and the likes…gone. These days you best have a variety of tricks up your sleeve. However there is ONE TRICK more important than all the rest combined. In fact…I believe that moving forward, 2011 is looking to become the year of content.

We’ve always heard the one common denominator in SEO is CONTENT IS KING. This hasn’t change. In fact, this has now become the defining utility any SEO could possibly have.

These days, if you do not possess the skill to write unique and relevant content for your niche…you could be in trouble. Remember redundant?

I’ve always stuck to my guns in this regard because way back – when I had the chance to evaluate for myself where I saw this industry going, I predicted that the only sure thing is that content would remain important over and above the other elements of SEO. Why? Let me explain why.

In today’s ever changing digital frontier, there is a pattern forming. The consumer of today, and the foreseeable future, is one that relies heavily on credibility. You know what they say – you can have the most amazing, innovative and earth shattering product, but if no one has heard of you…you are nothing. I would even go so far as to say that an obnoxiously high percentage of people you meet in business – return to their offices after meeting you and immediately Google you.

Have you Googled yourself yet? If so, were you pleased with what you saw? Now imagine if you are currently working on closing the biggest deal of your carreer and you know for a fact that your potential investors are going to Google you. Is it really that favorable for you? Better hope so.

What does this have to do with the price of lumber in Japan? Plenty.

In a world where credability is everything, you can’t afford to overlook this important factor for virtually all consumers. We all know SEO is about money and driving targeted traffic to any particular site/company in order to sell product. So if that is the ultimate goal of SEO then why would we ignore the single most important factor between a consumer and the buying decision?

With Google constantly playing hardball, we have to play even harder. The one thing Google will never deny is that they simply love unique, fresh content. Google to content, “I just can’t quit you!”

That being said, of course the basics of SEO still remain yet the industry as a whole will have to learn to adapt and accept these new changes from the top search engines. For if not you might just hear the words…”Sorry but you’ve been made redundant. Pack your things and get out.”



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