We can probably all agree — these days with the Internet at the top of most of our lives, people want everything in record time.

Facebook, Twitter and the mis-mash of other popular social networking sites, make retrieving information incredibly quick. When we want something — we want it now.

Bread takes a specific amount of time to rise. Concrete will require a minimum time to cure. You can’t build a house overnight. The point is…everything has it’s required time to accomplish.

So why don’t we understand this premise when it comes to SEO?

Personally I sign minimum contract lengths with any of my inbound marketing or SEO contracts for this precise reason — I realize SEO is not a “quick fix” sort of solution. Anyone telling you otherwise should stick to selling used cars.

Any SEO worth their salt will not guarantee you high rankings inside of a few months. And that’s assuming you’re not in an overly competitive niche. If you are then you start edging your way from 6 months to a year before seeing substantial results from your efforts.

Overall I’d just like to say that…

The sooner people realize that SEO and any Internet marketing strategy are “long term driven”, the better we’ll all be.

Consider it this way…

If it were so easy as to dump some money in to SEO over 30 days and take over your niche — do you not think all your competitors would be doing the same?

There’s no golden ticket in SEO. It’s all about patience and sticking to your overall plan from the beginning without panicking and doing something you’ll regret. By the way…yes you can make mistakes that could cost you dearly if you decide to crack the whip on your SEO guy!


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